Lone Black Rock (Boat Dive)


Dive Site - Lone Black Rock

Type - Boat access only
Skill Level - Beginner
Depth - 45 feet
Location - Avila California USA

Located around 400 feet from shore this is a great dive for spear fishermen and explorers. To get here you will have to leave the Avila break water and hang a right hand turn up the coast. Using a chart and GPS you will have no problem finding the rock. I have taken everything from sheepshead, large Lingcod, and huge Vermilion. The bottom is riddled with reef and lots of hiding places for fish. In between the reef you will find sand and boulders Anchoring is easy in only 30-40 feet of water. Diving here is easy as it gets when done in calm water. The wind can increase in the early afternoon. Planning according to weather conditions can make this a worthwhile dive.