Red Coral Reef (Boat Dive)


Red Coral Reef is named after the abundance of red coral found in this site. Located just north of Point Buchon Pinnacles, this site is also host some huge underwater structures. Spear fishing is good here and a diver can easily take a limit of fish on a single dive. This site can also have lots of current so live boating may have to be in your dive plan. It is easy to locate on the chart and you will want to anchor on the shallowest part of the reef. You will want to give yourself plenty of scope when anchoring and put out enough line in case the anchor slips off the top. There are two large rocks next to each other with a rather deep crevace between them. Male sheeps head have been spotted here. In one of our videos, spear fisherman Kale Pastel takes a pretty good size male sheeps head at this spot. The reef system here extends to the north and you will find yourself swimming next to rocks about 30 feet in height. Again this place you will find lots of hard red coral. It has similar qualities you would find in tropical corals. To find this place on your own, just look on the chart for a shallow rock about 3/4 of a mile north west of Point Buchon pinnacles. Use the GPS to navigate to the site. Then you will want to home in on the top of the rock with your Depth Finder. Remember to use the buddy system and be safe.