Point Buchon pinnacles (Boat Dive)


Dive Site - Point Buchon Pinnacles

Type - Boat access only
Skill Level - Intermediate
Depth - 40-130+ feet
Location - Point Buchon California (MPA)


Point Buchon Pinnacles located just 8 miles south from the Morro bay break wall is a fabulous dive. The top of the rock is around 40 feet. I always try and anchor on top of it. Doing so makes the return to the boat much easier. The top of the pinnacles are covered in kelp that does not extend to the surface. This place is huge in every aspect. To me it looks like the Gods got angry and tossed huge rocks out to sea and landed there. This place is covered with life. You can find large amounts of hard red coral out here. This is a NO-TAKE zone so it is off limits to spear fishermen. Back in the day I would take large sheeps head and lots of vermilion, and lingcod. This area is now a MPA (Marine Protected Area) so spear fishing is NOT ALLOWED. This is a photographers paradise. The hard red coral and clear water and tons of life make for some great photos.

The water is deep out here and the currents can be strong so use good judgment when diving here. The strong currents can make it impossible to get back to the boat. Sometimes diving in teams and live boating is the only option. Besides that this is probably one of the top dives in California. Not many have dived here and is not very well known or talked about. Again anchoring here is easy but make sure you pay out plenty of anchor line and a long drift line from the back of boat. This dive is an open ocean dive. You will be anchoring about a half mile off shore. Use your chart, GPS, and Depth sounder and you will have no problem finding it.