Santa Rosa Reef (Boat Dive)


Dive Site - Santa Rosa Reef

Type - Boat access only
Skill Level - Beginner
Depth - 45-70 feet
Location -Avila California USA

Santa Rosa reef is probably one of my favorite spots for spear fishing and exploring. Located about 2 3/4 miles north of the tip of the Avila break water. The reef is home to many large lingcod and vermilion. Although fisherman may tell you the hook and line fishing is not good there, spear fishing is off the hook. The reef is large and impossible to cover in one dive. The reef consists of large shelves and deep holes crowded with fish. The depth can be anywhere from 30 feet in some spots to 70 in others. The abundance of marine life in this area makes it an ideal spot for underwater photographers. Currents can be tricky with large tidal movements. Don't mistake current from the wave action caused by the shallow reef. Again use a chart and GPS and you will have no problem finding this dive site. Anchoring is a breeze, but make sure you put out enough scope on your line.