In-Betweens (Boat or Kayak)


In-Betweens get its name from a guy named Aaron Birch. He named it so because its located between Spooners Cove and Coon Creek. Both are easy to locate on GPS or chart. There is no real dive site location its just a lot of reef extended out in to the ocean with a very large undercuts. If you are going to spear fish make sure you bring a flashlight. Some of the undercuts are so deep you will not be able to make out fish deep inside them. Others can easily be accessible and will often provide large fish. This is a really good spear fishing spot and is easy to bag your limit. You will have to look around though and have good eyes. Most of the fish I take here have been in the 70 foot depth range. One of the largest wolf eel here I've seen was located in this site. Sting ray has also been spotted here time to time flying gracefully in the water. This place is also great for exploring. You will not find yourself bored. It is easy to get lost in the moment here. This site provides simplicity in diving and anchoring. We normally set up the boat in about 50 feet of water and dive out to deeper water near the end of dive. Just follow the ridges back into shallower water. Be safe and have fun.