Souza Rock pinnacle (Boat Dive)


Dive Site- Souza Rock

Type - Boat access only
Skill Level - Intermediate
Depth - 15 feet to 120+
Location - Avila California USA
Diver in picture - Tabatha Stamback

Located 3 Miles out from Avila this dive is worth the trip. The top of pinnacle is just 15-20 feet under the surface. This site is teeming with life and things to do such as spearfishing, photography, and cave exploration. Diving is accomplished here on calm days in the morning hours. Watch your bottom time when exploring the deeper depths, and always use the buddy system.

The boat anchor has to be carefully positioned on the top of the pinnacle, enough anchor line has to be paid out in case it slips from the top allowing the anchor reach the bottom around 120 feet or more.

You will find the rock teeming with life of every color. Every single inch of the rock is covered with sea life. The top of the rock is covered in kelp, while the sides are covered in metridiums, scallops, sunflower stars just to name a few. Around 100 feet on the south side you will find caves big enough to drive a bus into. Another cave heads up the center of the rock.