Weather Prediction Links

Local weather plays a huge role on where you might plan your next dive. Below is a list of resources to plan your next dive. We first use a global view of the Pacific and work our way down to local links. Doing so will give you a better idea of where the swell is coming from. We work our way down the list of links. The further down you go the more localized the areas become. Also look at a written report from local weather forecasters. By combining this knowledge you can create your own prediction of dive conditions.


This is where you will want to start. Get a idea of what is going on in the Gulf of Alaska. Weather systems up north have a major effect of what is to come. A large storm up north will take a few days to come down the pipe so try and plan around it.

This will be your next step. We always start up north and work our way down to the central coast area. By looking up north you can get a real good Idea of what is coming down the coastline of California.

John Lindsey is the Weather man at PG&E Diablo Nuclear Power Plant. He often provides accurate weather predictions. Remember though You are not diving at Diablo and conditions can be better or worse at some spots. Use your resources and get out of the house and take a look for yourself. It's a great excuse to go to the beach!!