Constantine Buoy (Boat or Kayak Dive)


Dive Site - Constantine Buoy

Type - Boat access or Kayak
Skill Level - Beginner
Depth - 20 feet to 60+
Location - Cayucos coastline California USA

The Constantine Buoy is located north along the coastline of the Cayucos area. It's about a half mile from shore and offers great diving, sightseeing and spearfishing. This dive spot is marked by a Green Can Buoy. This is a rather large Reef structure around the buoy. You can pretty much dive anywhere in this area where you find Kelp and will find plenty to do. Spearfishing is great here. I have taken may large male sheep's head,Lingcod in the twenty pound range, and a variety of rock cod. Francis Antigua has the record on my boat for the largest Vermilion cod in this area. It measured around ten pounds. Make sure you bring a flash light for spearfishing due to the many holes that are packed with fish. On a clear day this is an excellent place for underwater filming of local kelp forests. On the bottom you will find many large rocks, kelp forest, leopard sharks, bat rays, sting rays, sunflower stars, and the list goes on. The diving is very easy here and only requires you don't find yourself swimming to far from the boat or you may find yourself with a long surface swim over kelp. Getting here is easy. Head north across Estero bay. When you reach the kelp beds look north or south for a green can buoy. It can't be missed. Once there scout around the area looking for the best rocky relief. These areas are where the most sea life will be found. Generally, if there is kelp you will find lots of large rocks to anchor over and begin to explore. Your depth will vary depending on how far from shore you anchor but generally anywhere from 25 to 60 feet. The reef system here is vast and stretches for miles. The immediate area near the buoy is not the only place to dive so be adventurous and try random spots you never know what you might find. Be safe and have fun.